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A panorama is similar to a "flat" photo with a larger field of view. When the photo shows a 360-degree image in full, you speak of a 360 degree photo. A 360 degree photo gives you the feeling that you are actually present at the location of the photo. You can look all around you: left, right, up and down. With a virtual tour, multiple 360 ​​degree photos are combined and it is possible to move between different camera positions, giving you the opportunity to discover a complete space, as if you were actually there!
By creating virtual tours you give interested parties the opportunity to virtually take a look at the listings. This allows interested parties to visit the location from their own PC, smartphone or VR headset.
Making a 360 degree photo is very easy. With a 360 degree camera such as the Ricoh Theta or the Samsung Gear 360 you can easily take a 360 degree photo. You can control the camera from a remote, such as your smartphone, allowing you to watch live with the result of the photo. Place the camera on a tripod to create complete 360 ​​degree photos!
Our virtual tours are suitable for virtual reality and can therefore be viewed from virtual reality headsets. By opening the virtual tour on a smartphone and pressing the virtual reality icon at the bottom right, the virtual tour can be viewed in VR mode . The phone can then be inserted into a VR headset and the experience can begin. This really gives the viewer the feeling that he or she is on the spot where the photos were taken!
There are many virtual reality headsets available on the market. Ask us for the possibilities and we will help you choose the right virtual reality headset!


You already have a good 360 degree camera for $100 to $400. When purchasing a 360 degree camera, pay attention to whether it is compatible with your smartphone and what the quality will be of the 360 ​​degree photos.
Creating virtual tours can be done by purchasing a subscription. Go to plans to review the different subscriptions.
You can purchase virtual tours by paying via: credit card (Mastercard, Visa & American Express), SEPA credit transfer and PayPal. After the payment you will receive an invoice from us.


Go to the forgot password to reset your password by filling in the e-mail address linked to your account.

Creating virtual tours

Creating a virtual tour can be done by uploading the 360 ​​degree photos in our editor. Here you can link the different photos together and publish the virtual tour. For a detailed explanation of the operation of our platform, see our video tutorial.
You can add as many 360 degree photos to a virtual tour as you like. However, it is advised to keep it between 2 and 25 photos.
360 degrees photos are always required for a virtual tour. An ordinary photo can not be inserted in a virtual tour (yet).

Publish virtual tours

When you publish the virtual tour, an embed code is generated. By placing this code on your website you can implement the virtual tour on every webpage. It is also possible to place a link to the virtual tour on a website. If visitors click on this link a new window opens with the virtual tour.

Viewing virtual tours

Virtual tours can be viewed from smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. On a computer or laptop you can view the virtual tour by using the mouse. You can then look around by dragging the mouse over the screen and you can move to the next 360 degree photo by clicking on the arrows. On a smartphone or tablet you can look around and move around in the virtual tour by using the touchscreen. It is also possible to view the virtual tour from a smartphone in a Virtual Reality headset, such as the Google Cardboard. We then use the gyroscope of the smartphone to determine which direction is being looked at. Users can go to a next 360 degree photo by focusing on the arrows in the virtual tour for a while.